Advance Paper Box Ltd. - Winnipeg, Canada

Gluing and clear windows

Rigid and flexible (cellophane-type) windows add a whole new dimension to packaging creating a visible link between the packaging and the product itself. It is a perfect way to leverage the brand equity of the primary container or logo.

Maximum Visibility and Package Integrity

Our windowing capabilities include the application of a variety of materials, such as rigid (APET) and flexible (polyester) windows, providing you an effective method of displaying your products. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to provide you with more packaging design options and improved visibility for your product.

Our Heiber & Schröder window patching machine combines precision with production efficiency, offering speeds up to 30% faster than competitive machines.

Rigid or Flexible Window Cartons?

We offer both types of windowing options to meet all of your packaging requirements. From a technical standpoint, each offers its own advantages:

Rigid Window (APET)

  • High-end appearance
  • Unique decorative capabilities
  • Scored windows retain structural integrity of carton

Flexible Window (Polyester)

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Flexible substrate ideal for curved structures
  • Logo or holographic patterns available

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