Advance Paper Box Ltd. - Winnipeg, Canada

Prepress & Printing

The integrity of your brand is very important to us. Our prepress team has many years of experience working with large global brand owners and innovative start-ups. We are agile, responsive, and can meet your unique folding carton challenges.

All-Digital Workflow

With the steady conversion to digital workflow no longer a trend but a reality in the packaging industry, it is imperative that companies keep pace with technology in order to best serve customers’ needs. Enabling technologies to promise improved print quality, repeatability, and reduced turnaround times, all of which are increasingly important in the fast-paced retail markets.

Advance Paper Box Ltd is poised to take advantage of the powerful capabilities of a digital workflow by utilizing the latest all-digital front end technology.


Our computer-to-plate (CTP) technology puts you in control. Our Creo Trendsetter® digital thermal plate setter automates the flow of data from prepress directly to a high-quality printing plate. The result? A process of supplying and manipulating your graphics that is dramatically simplified:

  • Files can be easily and securely sent and filed
  • Proofing is fast and reliable
  • Printed output is accurate and consistent
  • Changes or corrections are easier
  • Turnaround is faster

Overall, it enables us to be more flexible and more responsive to your needs.


Our Epson SureColor proofing system incorporates the latest advancements in photographic inkjet technology. Designed for general purpose graphics and photographic applications, it incorporates latest imaging technologies – including an exotic Epson PrecisionCore® TFP® print head, along with our unique Epson UltraChrome® HD eight-color pigmented ink set.

With advanced media handling options from cut sheet to roll, from plain papers to photographic, fine art, and even 1.5 mm thick poster boards, the new Epson SureColor P-Series continues to redefine the state of the art in wide-format photographic imaging applications. This ensures color accurate commercial proofs for client approvals.

Talented Staff

Our experienced and talented staff has the skills and expertise you can trust with your brand. They successfully build the bridge between the creative design and the final product, ensuring that the package comes to life in the retail environment.

Folding Carton Printing

Our printing department features offset litho printing as well as Flexo Graphic printing, each with top notch quality and the efficiency & flexibility to cost competitive. With two printing lines, we can efficiently handle large-scale packaging needs of our customers as well as the most demanding specialized graphic reproductions for more complex small-scale products.

Our presses are equipped with aqueous and U.V. coaters, capable of applying a water base coating. This coating is used for packaging requiring a high gloss and improved rub resistance.

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