Advance Paper Box Ltd. - Winnipeg, Canada


Our die-cutting department features a variety of die-cutting presses including automatic platen, hand-fed platen and cylinder presses that allow us the flexibility to select the right press for the job.

Custom Designed and Built Die-cuts

Die cutting enables the manufacture of an almost endless variety of shapes and styles. Utilizing die cuts, scores, punched holes, partials cuts, and perforations, we can create a variety of beautifully decorated structural and ornamental folding carton designs.

Advance Paper Box Ltd offers the latest in die cutting technology, combining automation with precision. All of our cutting dies and counter plates are made in-house by the skillful hands of experienced craftsmen, ensuring the accuracy of each die. Reverse half cuts, cut creases and reverse scoring methods allow for folding cartons to be cut and folded into intricate shapes.

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